Sensitive Bicarb Free deodorant balm is now available in a 100% Home Compostable 200g Bulk Pack!

Our Eco Bulk packages are the first Australian certified home compostable barrier packaging, derived from a range of natural products such as paper, eucalyptus fibre and cassava and corn starch. Accreditation confirms that the packaging will breakdown in composting conditions, and will be non-toxic to the environment.


If you've made the switch to natural deodorant but struggle with underarm sensitivity from bicarb soda then try our all natural, bicarb free deodorant balm that works AMAZINGLY!

Wild Belle Australia have created a bicarb free formula that is just as effective.

Designed without baking soda, this recipe uses the super powers of magnesium hydroxide and organic diatomaceous earth with organic tapioca powder to help control moisture and odour. Nourishing organic coconut oil and organic unrefined shea butter soothe and condition the skin. Combined with candelillia wax to create a water resitant environment that's impossible for odour causing bacteria to survive in!

Available in Lively Lemongrass or Fragrance Free.

200g Eco Bulk Pack Sensitive Bicarb Free

  • Once open decanter into a your own jar and remove contents from package within 12 months.


    Organic Coconut Oil

    Organic Shea Butter

    Magnesium Hydroxide

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Organic Tapioca Starch

    Candelilla Wax

    Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils

  • Wild Belle Australia offers a range of natural skin care products. By using our products you agree to have read the ingredients and to have assured yourself that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. We recommend you try the product on a small patch of skin if you are unsure. If you have not used a Bicarb based deodorant we recommend you purchase our 35 gram tin before committing to a bulk pack.

    If a rash occurs please stop using immediately and contact us.