I'm a Woman on a mission to provide chemical free, organic body products at an affordable price...

From the moment I fell pregnant with my first child I became hyperaware of what was going IN and ON my body. I couldn't believe it took me 30 years to take a little more care of my body.

Over the years I have perfected my deodorant formula. Ballarat is VERY temperamental throughout the year, in winter we have temperatures as little as 2 degrees and in summer upmost of 40+! So getting the right formula that wasn't rock hard in winter or runny in summer was a tricky task.

I'm confident that you will love my Deo Balm. I'm loving the weekly feedback I receive from customers who are raving about their new found love for natural deodorant, especially when they were  super sceptical!

Try it today and if your not happy just get in contact with me, I'm passionate about what I do and want to make EVERYONE happy!

Some charities I support through Wild Belle are Red Kite at the RCH, Movember, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Heart Kids, and small local fundraisers in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.