How to apply our Deodorant Balm

 It's simple!!
If your using our pots simply apply a small pea size amount by using your very own fingers!! Nothing yuk about that, so long as you wash your hands and your armpits are (relatively) clean and fresh!
Our twist tubes are a super convenient, fiddle free option. In warmer weather apply 2-3 swipes. In cooler weather a few extra swipes might be necessary to enable to balm to melt a little on your skin. 
Our deodorant balm has been an absolute success and tried and tested on the toughest and most sensitive skin, but sometimes we can't please the fussiest of skin types...
 If irritation occurs discontinue use and contact us!
Try our Low Bicarb Luscious Lavender or Sensitive Bicarb Free.
Ideally, keep your Deodorant Balm between 15-25 degrees celsius for easy mess free application.
Keep upright when the weather is warm to avoid leakage or a messy experience when opening the pot or twist tube. Simply pop in the fridge to reset if your balm has become too soft.